Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D Bio

Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D but we just call him Dr. P. 

Founder and  the lead in the 12 year study about infant GERD that resulted in what's known throughout the world as MarciKids. You can learn all about it's principles here.

Dr. Jeffrey Phillips received his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree and completed a residency at the University of Utah and his Bachelor of Science Pharmacy degree from the St Louis College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Phillips was Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri as well as Director of Applied Research. 
His research has included:
1. The prevention of stomach-related bleeding in adult ICU patients.
2. Prediction of outcomes from closed head injury in adult ICU patients.    
3. The evaluation of symptom improvement from GERD in infants and young children using a buffered–flavored suspension of lansoprazole (a three center study).
4. Evaluation of half-life in infants and young children.
5. Placement of wireless pH probes in infants with suspected GERD.

Also invented the base formulations used in compounding pharmacies across the world called

SOS: Simplified Omeprazole Suspension
SLS: Simplified Lansoprazole Suspension

Dr Jeffrey Phillips has worked extensively with parents of infants/children with GERD who have not had satisfactory symptom control from prior treatments. He has been involved in the treatment of infant/childhood GERD for more than 30 years.

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