What Is Acid Reflux Disease?

Acid reflux is common - NOT NORMAL. Yes all babies reflux (spit up), typically in the first year of life. That's called GER (gastro-esophageal reflux - not a disease). But when the reflux is continuous over "time" and starts to cause pain and other symptoms, that's when baby reflux turns into a condition called GERD.


The clinical description of GERD is when 4 or more symptoms lasting longer than 4 weeks and are affecting quality of life and/or causing pain. GERD can also branch out into several conditions.

There are many symptoms, mild to severe and everything in between.

Infant reflux is a common condition that affects many babies and can cause considerable distress for both the baby and their parents. Unfortunately, it's often misunderstood or misdiagnosed as something else, leading to ineffective treatments or no treatment at all.

The key to treating reflux effectively is understanding that it exists on a continuum – in other words, its effects vary from baby to baby and even within the same baby over time depending on the environment they are in. It's important to be aware of all the available treatment options so you can find one that works best for your little one.

Some babies that have reflux may only have mild symptoms. These babies may need changes to their environment. This might include changing their sleeping position, avoiding certain foods, or reducing the amount of air they swallow while eating. Others may have more severe symptoms and need to take medication to reduce the amount of acid in their stomach. Then there is everything in between.

It's important not to ignore the signs of reflux, as this can lead to more serious issues such as malnutrition, aspiration pneumonia, or ear-nose-throat infections. If your baby is having recurrent vomiting after feeds, crying during or after feeds, has frequent hiccups, arching their back during a feed, or is failing to gain weight then it could be a sign of reflux.

Treatment Options


Work with the top Infant Reflux Specialty Doctor in The Nation: Dr. Jennifer Prince.  She and her team know that not only are infant reflux treatments on a continuum but so are treatment options and that can range from 100% holistic treatments to, in some necessary cases, offering medications that are required to treat infant acid reflux.  This is why we offer help from FREE all the way to our PREMIER treatment support plans.

  • Of course the least desirable option and one that you’ve probably heard many times is: Do Nothing. This is fine if the reflux is only a day or two. But anything more than that or if you see symptoms getting worse you should definitely seek out some options to help your baby.
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  • Get stared with the only way to approach an effective holistic treatment plan beginning with a thorough MICROBIOME test. Work with the best infant reflux treatment doctors in the nation to analyze the microbiome test and put a holistic plan in action that will give your baby the best start at life. (The first 12 months can determine your baby's health for a lifetime).
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