Baby Formulas

Special baby formulas can play a very important part of your baby's overall GERD or eating aversion treatment. Especially if you are not at the point in your child's care where you feel medications are an option. WE GET IT! It's not easy to decide to put your baby on medications.

But getting the right formula and combination of anti-allergens, especially with a little refluxer can be difficult to navigate. Not to mention finding the right combination specifically for your baby's nutrition requires the guidance of a formula specialist.

Beth Pulsifer is an infant reflux and formula specialist icon and knows more about treatment that doesn't involve medications than most people in the nation. 

Even if you are considering or using mediations to treat your child's reflux, she is a great resource in navigating a formula plan that supports your child's overall care.

Contact our administrative support team so they can assist you in getting your appointment with Beth Pulsifer created.