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We didn’t just write the book on caring for babies and small children with reflux — we’re leading the way and developing the treatments of tomorrow. Our team is jumping in to help families like yours receive the medical health care, support, and guidance you need, when you need it from where ever you and your family are.

Remember: The decisions you make now for your child will create lasting results that can last a lifetime.

Here at Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, we are all about finding relief for your baby’s reflux together. 

We want to figure out what's making your baby uncomfortable and deal with the underlying source of their infant reflux for good.  You will never be told that your baby’s reflux symptoms are normal, or you simply must wait for them to outgrow these symptoms.

World class doctors

We believe in providing our clients only the best health care support. Our licensed physicians and master-level care providers are not only professionals  but are moms of refluxer babies.

Fit to your family

We believe every baby is different — and that’s a good thing. We offer care for the entire family, including infants, preschoolers, children, teens - from individual reflux treatments, microbiome testing to re-balance gut health.

Real-time support

We believe in showing up on time when you need us. We are digital and on-demand with intention — getting you and your family the help you need quickly, so you can avoid long wait lists and receive the care you need within 48 hours.

Progress - Fast

We provide families with tools and resources to track their child's reflux progress through our scientifically backed approaches and check-ups as well as patient education tools and effective care.

From resources, to assessments and experts. Explore All Of Our Offerings.

The Best Care Team To Work With You In Your Child's Health Journey

Experience our collaborative approach to your child's health, where you’ll be matched with an expert Care Team member specifically for your family’s needs. We’re your partner for every milestone, bump, and celebration on this reflux journey!

All of  the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions providers are highly trained in effective treatments of infant reflux. This is all we do and we are the best in the field in providing care.

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We meet your family wherever you are - whenever you need us.
That’s the power of our digital services.


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Have questions about insurance, pricing or general logistics?

Questions? You can schedule an informational call with a support member that can assist you personally. There is a $15 charge but after the call a $25 discount will be provided with any appointment service booked.