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Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a renowned infant sleep therapist. So many of our patients have commented on the successes they've had with her treatments. We are honored to see she endorses our treatments as well. This is her article about reflux.

Finally a cure for infants: We are blessed to live in a time where technology and medicine are helping innovators come up with impactful treatments for age-old problems. An Enrichher article on our company.

Both Matthew and Sarah Bivens took great interest in a subject they had not yet covered in their SUPER informative site and PodCast - Infant Acid Reflux.

Although they were lucky enough as parents to escape issue with their child, it's clear by reading their site that they are all about providing valuable content for their followers.

We had a great time sharing with them. They were the perfect amount of curious which allowed us to share how much we love to help families!

Thrive Global is an entity of Huffington Post and we were so fortunate to connect with Arianna Huffington directly. She was so inspired by what we do and how we help so many families that she wanted us to write an article for her publication.

Thank you Thrive Global and Arianna!

Jessica Liverman-Wimer is an experienced mom who has gone the long haul with a reflux baby, and... she's a NURSE!

She wrote a very touching article called F U Reflux a number of months ago. This updated latest article talks about us, Dr. P and all that we do to help.

Be sure to read the article and subscribe to her page!

Mom Talk Radio Online Interview with Maria Bailey on July 23, 2017