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Infant Acid Reflux Solutions was born out of the vision and core belief that children deserve extraordinary health care and that when babies and their parents are supported and empowered, they will flourish.

We are committed to providing a personalized and comprehensive approach to helping families find relief from reflux. This can be difficult to do effectively if we contract with insurance companies. For now we have chosen to remain out-of-network providers. This means for now we do not contract with insurance companies, and thus, we cannot bill insurance directly. 

You, however, can submit the invoice (often referred to as a super bill) to your insurance for reimbursement if your coverage allows reimbursement for our services  and it may be possible to apply your payment to your deductible.

In the insurance model of care, the average appointment only lasts 8 minutes, which the office will bill for 15 minutes. This is not enough time to discover the individual needs of a baby. Thus, doctors do not have time to listen to patients and have a huge incentive to fit more patients into one day.  No wonder people feel rushed and not thoroughly cared for.

We believe you and your baby’s doctor should choose how much time you need, rather than your insurance company.

If and when we contract with insurance companies, we may not be able to offer the type of care that so many need and are not receiving. Right now we offer the highest quality medical care - without an insurance middleman restricting the type of care, or length of time of your appointment.

We believe that the best care is accomplished by providing longer, personalized visits outside of the traditional doctor's office model that is dictated by the need to meet insurance reimbursement guidelines.

We take time to deeply listen to our patients so we can understand and address the root cause with a comprehensive plan tailored to your family’s needs.  If this is what you are looking for then we may be a good fit.

CPT Codes - Call Your Insurance

CPT codes to help you get reimbursed if your insurance company will cover the visit.

Let them know that you will be seeing an out of network provider and give them the below CPT codes for verification.

All insurance policies are different so please call them for best results. Have a candid conversation with them about the codes and ask them if any of the below codes are covered by your policy. This has proven to give the best results.

The good news is, telemedicine is becoming more and more common and insurance companies are seeing the value of covering that service. 


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