Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

If you want help so your baby can get out of pain and be a happy, smiling baby just like these families, here are your next steps.

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions can help you get answers and care from doctors, nutritionists and coaches and get you scheduled as soon as within the next 24 hours with our telemedicine specialty group.

If you're tired of being told spitting up is normal, you're over reacting, your baby will outgrow reflux in a year - just wait it out, then we can help you NOW with treatment options that fit into your values as a family. Everything from working with a medical doctor to a reflux coaches with personal experience with infant GERD.

We understand that these first moments with your child should be happy moments. You shouldn't be overwhelmed with worry and fear, watching your baby suffer from the pain and sometimes quite serious symptoms of infant GERD.

We can't wait to hear yours!

Infant Acid Reflux Questionnaire
A great resource and overview of Infant Acid Reflux and Infant GERD symptoms. Take a look and see if you see signs in your baby.