Is your baby?

  • Refusing to eat
  • Constantly crying
  • Spitting up and vomiting excessively
  • In pain every time they eat
  • Getting rashes, congested, coughing
  • Back arching
  • Gagging & choking

Tired of being told 

  • Reflux is normal 
  • All babies spit up
  • They will out grow it  
  • They are gaining so everything is fine
  • You're being over-reactive
  • Don't worry
  • Just hold them upright

Meanwhile you're doing all that you can to feed your baby an ounce at a time to keep the weight on. We know you're spending endless nights holding your crying baby, worrying they may choke at night, or worse!

Our telemedicine practice is made up of board certified pediatricians, dieticians, nurses and health care providers with over 60 years combined experience in treating infant reflux and we are quite literally the best in the nation in this area of care.

Happy Baby Stories From Families Just Like YOU!


Imagine playing with your baby and seeing them smiling back at you instead of screaming in pain.


Why we are the answer to helping your baby!

We start by listening to the one person that knows their baby better then any other person in the world. "YOU". You will never hear from us that reflux is normal and not to worry about it. Yes babies spit up but pain is not normal.

Once we listen and acknowledge that your baby needs some type of treatment, we look at the symptoms to determine what level of reflux your child has. Is it moderate, moderate to severe or severe?

Then the answer is simple!

Give them the care they needed to make them feel better in just a few days.


Don't wait a whole year or more to get very simple, very safe treatments that may or may not include medications!

Because Emily decided to trust the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions team her little one is smiling and happy.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch so we can help.

You won't find a better, more caring group of care givers, and in a matter of days you can have a smiling baby too.

Emily's baby is smiling and happy because of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

Now is the time to stop wondering what's the right thing to do. Reach out to us and we'll help you with care from real doctors that know what to do.