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Dr. Jennifer Prince
Infant GERD & Failure to Thrive Doctor
Full Bio & Feeding Therapy Information

You will get in your 20 min session
 - A treatment plan that  works when others failed, guided by a qualified medical doctor specializing in infant GERD.
- Prescriptions for any medications needed for treatment.
 - Unlimited messaging with 24hr response time.
 - Caring team support that will also help get you reimbursed.

New Patient $275

Follow Up $175

 Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D
Dr. P was the Head Researcher of the 12YR MarciKids Study on Infant GERD

Full Bio

 You will get in your 30 min session
 - A 30 min consult from the lead in the MarciKids study and the one professional who has spent over 30 years in the field of infant GERD.
- A treatment plan outline that works when everything else has failed. (NO PRESCRIPTIONS PROVIDED-Please refer to Dr. Prince appointment to fill that need)
- Guidance and support in using any home compounding kit.
 - Unlimited messaging to the doctor & team with 24hr response time.

One Session $200

Follow Up $150

Beth Pulsifer
Infant Formula Specialist & GERD Coach

Full Bio

You will get in your 45 min session
- A one on one session to review formula options and allergen effects caused by some formulas.
- Formula  over view and options which ones are best for your child’s specific needs.
- Review what you’ve tried and what you prefer to not to try.
- Discover effective treatments that don’t have to include medications
- Unlimited messaging to the coach & team with 24hr response time.

One Session $150

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