Dr. Jennifer Prince
Infant GERD & Failure to Thrive Doctor
Full Bio & Feeding Therapy Information

New Patient $325

Follow Up $125

Farah Sears FNP
Infant GERD Specialist
Full Bio

New Patient $300

Follow Up $100

Mary Graham PED /Infant GERD Nutritionist
Full Bio

New Patient 1 Hour Appointment $150

Follow Up $100

Home Compounding w/ Doctors Guidance

Includes instructions & videos


Flexible Subscription Plan

Services included
- Reflux Evaluation and Treatment plan
- Unlimited messaging with a 24hr response time
- Prescription updates
- Formula questions
- Patient education tools

$99 Per Month 3 Month Min
($10 Sign Up)

Poop tells you a lot about what's happening with your baby's health. You'll connect in a 15 min by in person video talking to Dr. Prince and getting the real story in a telemedicine appointment, and get extended support via messaging in the telemedicine interface. She will review all poopy diaper pics and talk to you about what's happening with your baby.

Poopy Diaper Check Appointment $35

Overview of What We Do

Getting Set Up For Appointment VIDEO Tutorial

Our Protocol

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