Our Protocol

Our Protocol for treating babies with reflux disease and what to plan for. This page will outline how we handle appointments, schedules and follow up appointments required to care for your baby.

During your first appointment the doctor will discuss your child's questionnaire response, go over symptoms and any questions you have. At that point the doctor will determine the best treatment option for your baby.

Depending on how serious symptoms are, the doctor may start with an antacid. This is good for short term treatment of mild reflux “episodes” because they typically only last for 1-2 hours. If after a few days of antacid use and symptoms persist an H2 Blocker is the next step. Again this is a temporary treatment as these will build tolerance in 4-6 weeks and next steps should be considered. PPIs (proton pump inhibitors)  and MarciKids dosing are the next step and are very effective in treating infant GERD (long term, moderate to severe reflux symptoms). In some cases going directly to option 1 or option 2 is required and you can discuss this with the doctor at the time of appointment. Then the doctor will issue any necessary prescriptions and we will connect with you to determine where you'd like the scripts sent.

We would like you to stay in touch with us by messaging through the telemedicine interface for the first 2 weeks of any treatment. Then a one month follow up appointment will be required which at that point the doctor will review your child's symptoms. The doctor will then issue another script if needed and provide you with three refills. About 4 months worth of treatment. Then another follow up appointment is best.

If you need to connect with us or the doctor during any point inbetween appointments you can message through the telemedicine interface with:

  • Questions about treatment
  • Any concerns you may have
  • Prescription adjustments
  • Formula prescriptions
  • Doctor notes for day care

Although this protocol can be adjusted or changed, depending on your child's care needs, we've found this to be the standard. Any portion of this protocol may change if needed upon the decision of the doctor.

Please read our feedback and all the happy families we've helped. We're very honored you've chosen us to asssit in getting your baby happy and healthy and smiling!

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