Our Protocol

This page will outline how we handle appointments, schedules and follow up appointments required to care for your baby's GERD.

During your first appointment the doctor will discuss your child's questionnaire response and / or symptoms and any questions you have along with what your thoughts on steps for treatment and what you've tried already so as not to repeat a failed treatment option.

Depending on how serious symptoms are, the doctor may start with formula changes, or non-pharma options. If these attempts have been made with no success an antacid or an H2 Blocker may be a good next step. These are temporary treatments. H2 Blockers will build tolerance in 4-6 weeks. PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) and MarciKids dosing are recommended when your baby has had long term, moderate to severe reflux symptoms. This will be determined in the appointment. Then the doctor will issue any necessary treatment plan or if needed, prescriptions. Then we will connect with you to determine how we can best assist you in executing the best plan for your baby.

About 3 months or 3 refills of treatment is provide with regular updates to precriptions before another follow up appointment is needed.

There is continual support through the telemedicine interface with response time within 24 hours for:

  • Questions about treatment
  • Any concerns you may have
  • Prescription adjustments
  • Formula prescriptions
  • Doctor notes for day care
  • Treatment updates or changes

Although this protocol can be adjusted or changed, depending on your child's care needs, we've found this to be the standard. Any portion of this protocol may change if needed upon the decision of the doctor.

Please read our feedback and all the happy families we've helped. We're very honored you've chosen us to assist in getting your baby happy and healthy and smiling!