Our Protocol


This page will outline how we handle appointments, schedules and follow up appointments required to care for your baby's GERD.

Below we will outline how we handle appointments, schedules, and necessary follow-up appointments to ensure the best care for your baby's reflux. Dr. Prince has developed a unique Three Step Approach for treating reflux in infants, consisting of Discover, Optimize, and Maintain. Let's delve into each step:

Step 1: Discover - During your initial appointment, Dr. Prince will thoroughly discuss your child's symptoms, questionnaire responses, and previous treatment attempts to avoid repeating unsuccessful options. The goal is to discover the underlying causes of reflux and identify any environmental factors or triggers. This comprehensive exploration will help us understand your baby's unique needs.

Step 2: Optimize - Based on the severity of symptoms and the information gathered during the discovery phase, Dr. Prince will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your baby's specific requirements. This plan may involve recommendations for formula changes, non-pharmaceutical alternatives like probiotics, or other strategies to optimize your baby's well-being and alleviate reflux symptoms. The aim is to find the most effective approach that suits your child's individual situation.

Step 3: Maintain - Reflux can change over time, requiring adjustments to the treatment approach. To ensure ongoing care and address these changes, we emphasize the importance of maintenance. This is why we offer regular monthly appointments and provide a chat feature to promptly address any concerns or questions that may arise between appointments. During these follow-up visits, we assess your baby's progress, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and make any necessary adjustments to maintain optimal reflux management.

Throughout the entire process, we provide continuous support through our secure chat interface, with a response time of within 24 hours. This support covers various aspects, including questions about treatment, concerns you may have, prescription adjustments, formula prescriptions, doctor's notes for daycare, and treatment updates or changes.

While our protocol can be adjusted based on your child's specific care needs, we have found the Discover, Optimize, and Maintain approach to be the best and most effective method in managing reflux in infants. Any adjustments or changes to the protocol will be made based on the doctor's decision and in alignment with your baby's well-being.

We encourage you to read the feedback from the many happy families we have assisted. It is an honor for us to be chosen to play a role in ensuring the happiness, health, and smiles of your baby.

Please read our feedback and all the happy families we've helped. We're very honored you've chosen us to assist in getting your baby happy and healthy and smiling!