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Here's Ceci's little one. Well, not so little now. But the mom we mentioned in the video... it's a true story and how this whole project began.

Here's her story. Ceci's little girl has become one of the hundreds of children and babies that we've treated successfully over the years and you can read many of their GERD journey's to happy, healthy babies right here. We're proud of our medical practice and what we do.

We are a group of professional medical doctors providing care to the community of families dealing with the struggles of infant GERD in online telemedicine apppointments. Our medical practice is made up of licensed medical doctors, nutritionists, feeding specialist and coaches that have written books on the subject of infant acid reflux. Most have had first hand experience as moms, just like you, and know how you feel.

We started treating infants and small children with GERD back in 2010. Our highly successful treatments are based on a 12 year study created at the University of Missouri and 2 other medical centers known as MarciKids. This study is the key to why our treatments work when others have failed. You can watch this video from Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D himself who explains it in detail.

Meet our caring, knowledgeable, expert providers, read their qualifications and get to know who we are:

Mary Graham PED /Infant GERD Nutritionist

Reagan Parks
Chief Administrations Officer


Kristen Gabrielli
Patient On Boarding

Beth Pulsifer
30 year Infant GERD Coach
Author of "The Reflux Book"

Melissa Jassett
Facebook Support and Registered Nurse

Holly Boorda RN
RN licenses in multiple states & reflux baby-mom.

One of the greatest joys of being involved in this project is getting messages and pictures of happy, smiling babies. 

Amanda just sent this to us via instant message with her little cutie smiling. It was the first time in her first years of life that this mama got to see this precious little face, happy, smiling and giggling.

Yes! We want that for you and your baby too!

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It's thanks to our caring and qualified team that we're quickly becoming the go to resource for families all over the world searching for answers on how to treat their child's GERD effectively.

If you have any questions please reach out to us directly through our contact us page or with the contact information in the footer section of this site.

We'll respond right away.