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The mom I was talking about in the video? Yes that is really what happened and how this whole project began. In fact you can read Ceci's story here.

This all began with a study created by Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D. (Dr. P) and Marcella Bothwell ENT while at the University of Missouri. That study was called MarciKids.

MarciKids is a play on words. It's an acronym for Midwestern Acid Reflux Children's Institute and is also short for Marcella (Marci).

The study's primary focus was on the treatment of babies suffering with acid reflux and it began shortly after Dr. P was well into his research and development stages of Zegerid. The proton pump inhibitor invented by Dr. P and only immediate release PPI on the market.

It quickly became clear to Dr. P and Marci that babies were not responding to treatment of a PPI effectively.
But why?
MarciKids study showed that in most cases, babies responded best to higher doses and more frequently per day because of their extremely high metabolisms. This PPI dosing page explains how these principles work and why they are so effective.

Dr. P: "What we learned was that infants metabolize the PPI drugs very quickly (~3 times faster than adults) and most importantly that the very low doses of PPIs (like Prevacid) that were being used were way too low to see any benefit and in some cases made matters worse by creating what is commonly known to most moms with little refluxers as "the acid battle".

Dr. P created all formulations for proton pump inhibitor compounds used today in compound pharmacies across the world. Those formulations are called:
* SOS – Simplified Omeprazole Suspension
* SLS – Simplified Lansoprazole Suspension

Just a little side track, these formulations were created for adults in the ICU and were never intended for use in children or babies and typically this is exactly what is given to babies.

The study came to a close and the University lost interest in the project so, it was dropped. There was a flood of outcries from the families that finally found help for their babies from the project and then it was lost and so were the families. That's when Dr. P decided he could not allow these babies to suffer.

We continue to explain those fundamental principles that have been supported by medical literature and publications written by the medical professionals involved in treating infant acid reflux since the early 1990s.

Dr. P and the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions team is today, and always we will be, dedicated to providing as much information possible to the care givers of infants with reflux disease and offering treatment options to the families and their doctors.

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