Melissa Jasset
Facebook Support & RN

My name is Melissa Jasset and I am married with one son Jack.

I am also a Registered Nurse in Boston MA at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In 2016 I completed my Masters Degree in Nursing Education and have taught nursing clinicals for many Universities including University of Lowell and Northeastern University.  

I stumbled upon Infant Acid Reflux Solutions when my son Jack was only weeks old. He was extremely sick as a newborn exhibiting all the reflux symptoms, however we were getting no help from his pediatrician because “he was gaining weight.”

The exhaustion and stress experienced with having an uncontrolled reflux baby is so hard to even describe. Finding this group, the support from the parents and providers has been  a life changer. My baby is happy and thriving  now at 17 months old, completely off all reflux medications.  Being able to work with this group means so much to me, because it is the reason we made it through those beginning terrible days. I am so thankful for Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. 

Melissa Jasset, RN, MSN