Reagan Parks

Reagan, her husband, and three boys live in the Central Texas town that she was born and raised.  Reagan always knew that she wanted to pursue a degree and career in healthcare, but she wasn’t just quite sure exactly what that was going to be.  While completing her Bachelor of Science in both Biomedical Science and Animal Science she discovered her passion for Healthcare Administration.  She then completed her Master’s in Healthcare Administration and before joining Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, was an administrator for a multi-specialty clinic, a Healthcare Marketing Manager for specialty clinics, as well as an Adjunct Professor where she taught courses in Healthcare Administration, the Healthcare Research Process, and Bio-statistics.   

Not only has Reagan suffered from GERD herself, but all 3 of her children were silent reflux babies.  From this, she knows firsthand the challenges that come with not only figuring out what is going on, especially for first time moms, but also finding dedicated professionals who will listen, help, and support you through the process of getting your baby properly treated and on the right path to being the happy, comfortable, thriving babies they are supposed to be. 

It wasn’t until her 3rd baby that she found Dr. Prince and the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions team.  After 6 weeks of continuously getting passed off and told to try this and now try that, or that is all that we can do, Reagan and her husband knew this was not how it was supposed to be and thankfully found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and got their youngest the care and help he needed and deserved.  

Because of her passion for helping people, blended with her first-hand knowledge of the struggles of dealing with a sick reflux baby, the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions knew she would be the perfect fit for the team. Managing the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions practice has been a blessing for Reagan.  She is able to fulfill her passion for being a healthcare administrator by assisting not only the provider but also the patients and parents to hopeful outcomes.  She is also able interact and share her experiences and story of how Infant Acid Reflux Solutions has helped her youngest and his battle with reflux.  Furthermore, she enjoys being able to provide the support and care to others so that their children can get the help and support that they desperately need and deserve.