Beth Pulsifer

Beth Pulsifer has over 25 years of infant reflux background that trails up to congress endorsing treatment. After reading through her vast credentials we are confident you'll find her to be one of the best resources for learning about infant reflux and the variety of treatment options available to you.

45 min Infant GERD Coaching

Beth was the founder and Executive Director of the Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association (PAGER) hosted on for 22 years, managed operations and wrote most of it’s content, is a former reflux baby herself; raised two refluxers of her own when she was a certified nurses aide.

Through the PAGER organization Beth came into contact with hundreds of families via, phone, online forums, in person and spoke on their behalf medically, legally and all the way up to congress to protect the rights of the one million babies suffering yearly here in the US. She networked with directors of pediatric medical groups to endorse treatment and care for GERD, initiated studies for the disease and treatment and has dedicated most of her life to helping families in need. Her stellar resume and life experience in assisting, advocating and providing care are just a small testament to her passion for helping those with illnesses that are not able to advocate for themselves.

As an author Beth wrote a consumer medical guidebook for parents and caregivers of children with reflux.
The Reflux Book, A Parent’s Guide to Gastroesopheal Reflux has medical information, tips and tricks and over 100 short vignettes based on real parent experiences in addition to the valuable content still housed on PAGER (
Multiple peer-reviewed medical journal articles, press releases, feature stories over the course of the last 20 years and is a highly respected authority on the subject of infant GERD.

Beth Pulsifer knows first hand the struggles of being a reflux baby's parent. Her son was fat and happy but puked constantly, had pneumonia several times and showed signs of mild asthma. His reflux pain made him want to eat constantly. Her daughter was dangerously underweight, cried constantly for the first year, needed to be held constantly and went on a hunger strike at four months. She also refused to talk until she was two because talking hurt.

Because of Beth’s unrelenting passion for helping babies and children she was exposed to some critical situations with CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES sector. There was a time when some believed that the signs of reflux were signs of infant abuse, which is where Beth came in to help defend the innocent families at risk of losing their child. One story comes to mind where Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D. (Dr. P) and Beth worked together to help a family from losing their child.

This book: Making Life Better for a Baby with Acid Reflux, tells their story.

She also believes connecting with other parents is a tremendous source of support and learning ways to treat when her children were suffering from GERD. Which is why she endorses the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Facebook group.

Scope of service: Providing a one-on-one coaching session for up to 45 min to discuss your child’s symptoms, offer options for treatment and prepare a plan to discuss with your medical care team and/or nutritionist.

Disclaimer: Beth Pulsifer-Anderson is a coach, not a medical professional and does not provide any medical advice. All sessions and information provided are done so as opinion and should be discussed and approved by your qualified and licensed medical care team.

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