Video Testimonials

Rachel's twins BOTH suffered from severe infant GERD and she shares how she tried everything before finding help from our team.

Kristen's little baby girl ACTUALLY eating a lemon. Only possible because her reflux is all better.

Kristen, a mama of boy / girl twins, BOTH with reflux, came to us after many frustrating nights and no help from her doctors she found our team.

Would you just look at this little giggly baby? This is how it should be with your baby too! Just ask Jennifer.

Stacey watched her little girl Taeley suffer from laryngeal malaysia. Then she found us and our treatments. Today Taly is a happy smiling little girl.

Kristin was tired of hearing from her doctors that her baby was fine. So she came to us because we know GERD is real.

I know a lot of you families can relate to the struggles Elyse had. We're happy to be part of the solution.

Kylette's little man, Ethan is all smiles now that his reflux is better. Wouldn't it be great to see your baby happy like this guy? Don't wait. Connect with our team now.


Jalissa shares her story about Jacob's and her struggles to get effective care. Finally she found help here!

Kim & little Ethan are so happy now after a visit with Dr. Prince. Ethan is happy and smiling!

Melody tells all - Dr Phillips, Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and her baby's success story. 

Jessica's little one went from Hospital to Happy. She loved our treatments and now look at that little face!

Jessica tried everything on the market and then she found TC Max and now she's so grateful.

Courtney was so happy that Infant Acid Reflux Solutions could give her son a happy childhood.

Samantha - a foster mom with a little one that blessed her home for a short time, shares how using Marcikids made that time wonderful for her and her new mama.

Emilia, yet another happy mama and more importantly, happy baby. Her and her baby found relief with our doctors help and MarciKids!

Kristen shares her story about working with our doctors and how she now has a happy baby!

Danielle shares her experience with our treatments to help. Just another happy mama!

Rebekah tells us all about her experience with Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. Happy Baby, Happy Mama.


Leah was skeptical at first but found us on many mommy blogs & posts. Now she has a whole new baby.


Jamie has nothing but great things to say about TC Max Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and Dr. P.


Holly gives TC Max a shout out after a long road. But finally found her baby some relief from pain.

Lyndsay shares her reflux/GERD journey. Screen shot of her baby NOW HAPPY AND SMILING!

Sheena shares how her little squish is a whole different baby after a visit with our PED and the help of TCM.

Reagan was so happy with us as a company, she is now part of the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions TEAM!