Infant Acid Reflux Questionnaire

Please accept our apologies as we redo the questionnaire.

Your best step now it to go to GERD symptoms page. If you see 4 or more symptoms that have lasted over 2 weeks AND are affecting quality of life, your child likely has infant acid reflux.

Next you should begin setting up a telemedicine appointment here to get help from an Infant Acid Reflux Specialist.

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The Infant Acid Reflux Questionnaire goes directly to one specialist who has been working with infants with reflux for 25 years. Dr. P (Jeffrey Phillips) who also works with one Pediatrician that specializes in infant reflux and failure to thrive, Dr. Jennifer Prince.  We don't get distracted from offering an effective treatment plan from a medical care team that will help your baby. Two professionals that know what to do.
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