TummyCare Max saves

My son has silent reflux. I'm sure some people would think that the silent version would be less severe because they don't puke much but that is not the case.

We have had a very rough start. His reflux started at 3 weeks old. 3 months after I found MarciKids dosing that Canadian pediatricians have a very hard time prescribing. I am now home compounding and using TummyCare Max as a stand alone product. I am now on 40 mg a day in 4 doses plus 4.5 mg of Zantac a day.

The only thing that gets us through as the Zantac has lost effect, is TummyCare Max. It does make my son gassy. But working out gas is much easier than watching him arch and gulp, and basically burn from the inside out.

I would definitely recommend this product.

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