This is it! TummyCare Max..right on!!!

by Bonnie D


Our daughter is Phoebea and she turned 1 years old in April. She was born with severe MSPI/reflux (silent). Reflux peaked at 4mos, zantac stopped working (as expected) after 2 weeks, we started prilosec compound which I really don't like because they last about 8-14 days, went to prilosec cap dosed with apple juice from about 5 mos to 10 mos and that did JUST enough to keep her reflux mildly controlled.

She was still super irritated, never put down, up drinking 3+ bottles a night, couldn't tolerate ANY PUREES OR SOLIDS without flaring for a week and not sleeping at all!!!

I was at a loss and just so beside myself! She was hungry and she couldn't eat or it caused such a problem.

I kept researching, reading, stressing and freaking out until TummyCare Max magically appeared on a Facebook post. I looked it up...big surprise! I decided to join the Facebook group and read the posts. I read the website front to back 5 times. I decided to give it a try as a last resource before doing more testing and endoscopy.

Let me add my 3 year old is also severe MSPI/reflux but much more tolerant than my daughter. He was in pain and his meds barely worked. He had testing and it was awful. He had a HORRENDOUS intro to food because he was hurting. He went to therapy and he is still not a great eater. Wish I knew then what I know now!

Ok, so...I bought it. I was like, "what am I even doing? How do I know it's safe? I'm not a will I know how to mix and dose this stuff?" So many questions!!!! Dr. P eventually called me on the phone because I was lost and I emailed him 10 times! I was embarrassed that I didn't totally understand.

After talking to him I felt so much better! I felt confident he knew what he was talking about. He was so nice and patient!! I have to laugh because I felt like I talked to a celebrity. I was shocked he would take the time to call me. I can't even get my Doctor on the phone but here is the Doctor who invented medicine that would be the answer to my prayers.

I mixed it up and gave it to her and I was a nervous wreck! SHE SLEPT FOR 9 hours straight!!!!!!!!! Unheard of for her!! She refluxed and flared a little during the day but nothing too crazy. She had more wet burps, hiccups and it lasted about 5 days.

After that I started feeding her. I dove right in..I couldn't wait the 3 days to trial food bc she was 10 mos and so behind eating. She started eating and NOTHING!!!!

She was happy, she was sleeping WAY better than she ever did, she was seriously "cured" as far as I'm concerned. I was still freaking a little bc I couldn't believe it. I was waiting for the end all...blow up...freak out to start again. It didn't!!

She's been eating EVERYTHING and she's a completely different baby! She isn't so happy when she's cutting 4 teeth at one time and she still throws tantrums but she's not in pain! Haha!

I begged for an answer and here it is!

I have to say this experience has been a lifesaver. I have nothing but love for Dr. P, his group and TummyCare Max. They work hard and they will help you figure out whatever it is you need to make your baby better.

That's our story ;) I'm so happy I tried it and our baby is too! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you for everything you do! It doesn't go unnoticed and I know myself and every other Mom is extremely appreciative!!

Love you guys!

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