Thank you Tummy Care Max!

by H

We have been on TummyMax with generic previcid for 9 days now. I have seen such a great change in my sons feedings. We originally had a compound that I picked up every 2 weeks from the pharmacy and we still were not getting results.
- constant crying at the bottle and squirming when feeding.

Once I switched to TummyCare Max and my own compound I had some of the best night time feedings I've ever had. I'm so happy that my sons reflux is finally under control. I also love the convenience I have of making the compound myself vs traveling in traffic to a pharmacy to get it - and I love that it takes the guesswork out since you make it at home and know when it was made and have the option to mix more if you are traveling.

My son Also loves the taste and doesn't have any trouble taking it. It's also pretty amazing that you don't have to dose 30 minutes before feedings anymore - that's always been the worse. Very happy that I found this product!

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