Getting Reimbursed

Every insurance company is different and getting reimbursed varies depending on each policy. This page is designed to help  you navigate through the process.  Below you'll see a diagram of CPT codes that can be submitted to your insurance. The best thing to do is call them and ask them which codes they will reimburse for AND... ask them the procedure needed to get reimbursed.

Be sure to ask them:

  1. What codes will your reimburse for from the list? Just offer the codes and see which ones are covered.
  2. If none of the codes are verified, ask "If I add the modifier code "GT" to the end of any of the above codes will it help me get reimbursed?".  
  3. What information do you need to help me get reimbursed?
  4. What information needs to be provided on the invoice?
  5. Do I need proof of payment?

All invoices will come with your child's name on the invoice (the patient) and the CPT code you tell us will work for your insurance company, along with a diagnosis code, billing address and invoice number and the date the invoice is issued.

Any other information required, you will need to let us know so we can create the invoice required.

If you have any questions after calling your insurance company please email us here.

Your baby is on it's way to feeling better!

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