Proton Pump Inhibitors

The clinical description of a proton pump inhibitor is a chemical that deactivates the pumps that produce stomach acid while the medication is in its effective stage.

Some brand and generic proton pump inhibitors include.

  • Esomeprazole, found in Nexium®
  • Omeprazole, found in Zegerid®, Prilosec® and generic forms
  • Lansoprazole, found in Prevacid®
  • Pantoprazole, found in Protonix®

All of the above PPIs come in over the counter and prescription depending on where you are in the world. (Some countries it is more difficult to acquire but we try to help you here with links and suggestions).

Proton pump inhibitors come in both delayed release with enteric-coated beads, granules or tablet. The enteric-coating is resistant to stomach acid and allows the medication to be ingested and make it through the acid of the stomach to the small intestine where the PPI is absorbed. If you're dosing your child with a delayed release PPI you must time one hour before or after feeding so this form of proton pump inhibitor doesn't get destroyed by stomach acid.

When a PPI is prescribed for an infant it is more than likely compounded, or mixed in a flavored powder form and is prescribed by a doctor.

If you are compounding with TC Max either with a home compounding kit or if you are getting it from one of our partnering pharmacies, then you DO NOT HAVE TO TIME AROUND FEEDINGS because it is immediate release.

The Doctor Suggested Using A PPI To Treat Your Baby's GERD

So the doctor feels that your baby needs a proton pump inhibitor to treat their GERD. Don't feel bad about this. Honestly they are one of the safest drugs on the market. Especially for the time frame your baby will need to be on them.

If you found us because you signed up for our compounding coaching with a doctors support or with an appointment with one of our doctors we want to provide you some links to purchase your PPIs whether you are in the US or internationally.

To purchase in the US: Below we've put together a selection for you that are the most cost effective and will help take the guess work out of which ones we suggest.

Purchasing Proton Pump Inhibitors in the UK

Purchasing a proton pump inhibitor internationally can be a challenge. But it is possible in most countries and for families in Europe is that they can order Omeprazole via Amazon U.K., and it will ship to addresses in many EU countries.

Here are some links to assist those of you located in the UK. There is one option for Omeprazole and that is the Pyrocalm (weird name) and the Guardium and Nexium are both Esomeprazole which you may have been told are quite bitter. But if that is your only option there are some work arounds. Be sure to connect with our team for support.

Purchasing Proton Pump Inhibitors Internationally

We can't list every country but this is a good page to refer to and we are always available to help if you contact us for information on your options.

We do know that Australia is difficult but there are still options that include working with our team to get a prescription and have it shipped to you so don't give up hope.

PPI Contraindications