Proton Pump Inhibitors

proton pump inhibitors

It's no secret that this practice highly endorses the use of proton pump inhibitors to treat infant GERD. Although it's not the only treatment we endorse and support, it's how we began this project and where we see the most success from babies suffering from moderate to severe reflux symptoms.

The basis of our PPI treatment is outlined here.

Most importantly: Celebrating when the family tells us about their happy baby!

Proton Pump Inhibitor Description

The clinical description of a proton pump inhibitor is a chemical compound that irreversibly inactivates the pumps that produce stomach acid while the medication is in its effective stage.

To accurately describe a proton pump we need to describe the parietal cells which are located in the stomach and secrete acid to assist in breaking down what has been ingested. Proton pumps are part of this cell's membrane and that is the portion of the cell that pumps out the acid.

Some brand and generic proton pump inhibitors include.

  • Esomeprazole, found in Nexium®
  • Omeprazole, found in Zegerid®, Prilosec® and generic forms
  • Lansoprazole, found in Prevacid®
  • Pantoprazole, found in Protonix®

All of the above PPIs come in over the counter and prescription form but when prescribed for an infant it is more than likely compounded, or mixed in a flavored powder form and is prescribed by a doctor.

Proton pump inhibitors come in both delayed release with enteric-coated beads, granules or tablet. The enteric-coating is resistant to stomach acid and allows the medication to be ingested and make it through the acid of the stomach to the small intestine where the PPI is absorbed. If you're dosing your child with a delayed release PPI you must time one hour before or after feeding so this form of proton pump inhibitor doesn't get distroyed by stomach acid.

If you are using an immediate release PPI it has an alkaline buffer that neutralizes the stomach acid and it replaces the need of having the enteric coating on the PPI. Zegerid® was the only immediate release PPI product before it went off patent and is now available in generic form in both Rx and OTC. Our own Dr. P invented Zegerid, TC Max and the MarciKids study.

PPI Contraindications