Treatment Options For International Families

Treatment options for our international families.

Over the years we have become very aware of the challenges in assisting those located internationally. It is possible but want to explain everything in advance.

We’d like to start by providing links to our site explaining what we do. If how we treat speaks to your values as a customer, this information can be used as a guide for yourself or can be provided to your doctors there in your country in hopes they will provide the care we feel is needed to effectively treat your child’s reflux.


If after watching the video, you feel we can assist you directly then here is an outline of steps and costs.
The cost of the telemedicine appointment is from $150 to $275 out of pocket - depending on the provider you choose.
This link will give you all the service information provided with that cost.

In addition to the appointment cost there will be a treatment plan, which may include prescriptions for medications. You may need to have the prescription filled here in the US and shipped to you. These cost vary and we can not quote these as it depends on the treatment plan and how you decide to execute that plan. Medications are not included in the appointment cost.

If a proton pump inhibitor is used in part of the treatment plan we can offer several options to help.

  • Send to the pharmacy we recommend as they use a product called TC Max to compound the medications. They are a separate business and you can contact them for costs. You can also send any prescription you currently have to them directly if you decide to work with your doctor.

Pharmacy Contact Information
Remedies Pharmacy
4524 Southlake Pkwy Ste 34
Hoover, AL 35244
P 205-593-4223

  • You can have us send the prescription to any other pharmacy here in the USA to have your prescription filled and shipped to you.
  • You can use a TC Max Kit. However, that kit is designed to be under the guidance and supervision of a medical care professional. TC Max company will not provide dosing or mixing instructions without a doctors prescription. That prescription can also come from your doctor if they are willing to assist.
    Here is the link to purchase

To use this kit you must purchase an over the counter PPI. Most recently, options have become available to the UK and Ireland by purchasing online through Amazon.

We are not promoting these links, nor do we have any affiate programs set up for providing you this information. It is just a way for us to serve you in getting help for your child.

Things to keep in mind

  • Cost to have anything  shipped is dependent on how quickly you want the medications to arrive but will be shipped UPS international.
  • You must check with your customs to ensure you will not have trouble receiving medications. Once shipped, the pharmacy or the TC Max Company will not reimburse for medications that get stuck in customs nor will they pay for customs fees.
  • If you are able to acquire over the counter medications such as Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, Omeprazole, Prevacid, Lansoprazole and others), you can purchase a home compounding kit from the TC Max company. They only provide the kit and are not able to provide you any dosing or care instructions and any use of the kit with a PPI must be under the instruction of a medical provider.

Other support information

Get support in our Facebook group.

Medical articles and literature to support how we treat infant reflux disease (GERD). Use these pages to show your doctors after you research yourself.

Our team and the services provided if you feel we can assist you with a doctors appointment and you agree with our protocol for treatment.

Please take the time to research these pages as we do not provide individual questionnaire responses to international submissions. Your understanding is greatly appreciated and hoping you find care for your child if we are not a good fit for you.

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