Not so fast! (Weaning)

by Andrea
(Las Cruces, NM)

So, I've been using TummyCare Max since March. It was a saving grace for us after many doctors and only Zantac to show for it. We thought that we might be able to wean our daughter off of her Proton Pump Inhibtors for good and, since there is no "right" time to start weaning, we thought we would wait until she was sitting up on her own and crawling.

We were down to one dose of TummyCare Max and omeprazole a day, about 15mg. I thought that since she hadn't exhibited any symptoms of reflux in about a month that maybe I could start slowly cutting out that one dose. So, I started cutting down about 1/2mL over a two week period.

Then she got sick and was teething. Then I got sick. Then she got better but was grabbing at her chest every now and then but still no other symptoms. The doctor said that she had a bug but no ear or sinus infection. I, on the other hand, had a sinus infection that we treated with nursing-friendly antibiotics. I thought maybe she had a sore throat from coughing during her cold or maybe there was just extra drool from teeth coming in. I don't know why, but I just didn't think it could be reflux. I didn't hear her swallow, she wasn't spitting up, she was eating normally, and she was sitting up and crawling everywhere. A happy baby! How could it still be reflux?

Two days ago my worst reflux fear came true - she wouldn't nap anymore. 20 minutes at the most and then she would stay awake for 4 hours. She got the dark circles under her eyes and the rims of her eyes were pink from sleep deprivation. She would only sleep while nursing on me. If I put her down in her crib she would scream. At night, we'd put her to bed, both of us exhausted. She would be asleep for about one hour before screaming in pain, eyes still closed. I would go in, give her a small dose of liquid antacid, nurse her, and she'd sleep until the next morning. I was happy she could sleep but I knew that the antacid was only a temporary fix.

Yesterday I decided that I'd rather be safe than have her in pain. I made a new batch of TummyCare Max with lansoprazole (I ran out of the omeprazole but I knew she could do lansoprazole just fine) and immediately gave her three doses throughout the day. She didn't sleep much during the day and she did wake up at night about an hour after she went to sleep, but she stayed asleep. I didn't have to nurse again until her regular waking time for feeding, around 3am.

This morning she fussed a bit but she finally went to sleep. It's been 1 1/2hours so far and she's happily sleeping. She's not twisting and turning trying to stay comfortable, she isn't screaming in pain, she's not turning her head every 20 minutes trying to get relief from the heartburn. She's just...sleeping!

This is why I still believe in TummyCare Max and so happy that I found this product. I would love to say that we weaned off completely and that I'm a happy customer who won't need to return but, if I have to return, I'm glad to know that I found a product that works for my baby.
Thank you!!!!

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Dec 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

We had the same experience when we tried to wean our daughter from TCM/omeprazole. It makes me cringe to read your descriptions of her symptoms - it brings me back all too easily to the bad time before she was on meds that work!

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