Literally changed our lives!!!

by Jill
(Stephenville, Tx )

We thought babies slept all the time. Every baby we knew slept all the time... except ours.

Our baby girl (Georgia) NEVER slept... and screamed- not cried, screamed. Since day 2. It was awful. Everyday was the same, Georgia would scream for hours and hours, and I would cry for hours and hours not knowing how to help her. I could tell she was in pain but didn't know what to do.

Finally, exhausted and out of options (because our pediatrician told us it was just "colic"), I sought help from my facebook friends. A friend of mine suggested she might have silent reflux and sent us a few packages of TummyCare Max. I got on the website and filled out the questionnaire and by the next day, Dr. Phillips had given us a plan.

I was upset, sleep deprived and not functioning at my normal capacity, so I kept emailing Dr. Phillips for clarification. I couldn't believe how quickly he responded and how much he truly cared about wanting my baby better. It was such a nice change from her local doctor!

We started immediately on OTC omeprazole and TummyCare Max. Y'all, the acid battle is no joke. I didn't think it could get worse and it did. The moms on the facebook group were angels and just kept telling me to persevere.

Day 16 on our new medicine is when it all turned around for us. This is a totally different baby than I had the first 3 months of her life. This baby is content, actually takes naps, laughs and smiles constantly, and loves life.

She was so miserable for the first 3 months and I wish I had known about Dr. Phillips and his miracle product from DAY 1. I just can't explain how much this changed our lives.

I'll be forever grateful for Dr. Phillips and his team and for TummyCare Max!

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Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

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Jan 25, 2018
by: ShafiaAnonymous

Thanks telling us ur story helping others mum to make decisions majority in Uk half of the doctor dosent knw about reflux. Silent reflux. Acid reflux they says everything will be fine & our baby’s goes to hell pain

Jul 26, 2017

by: Kira

Thank you so much for posting your story Jill! It's wonderful to hear that your baby is smiling and happy.

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