Ky's Blessing!

by Kali Newby

Kylan was born on May 24th, 2016. Weighing 8lbs 10oz. Our second precious boy.

While in the hospital, we were getting our things together to be discharged when the pediatric hospitalist came in with a nurse from the nursery. He proceeded to tell me that I was being discharged, but that our sweet Ky was not. Blood was found in Kylan's stool and they wanted to keep him for two more days, so we stayed with him.

The doctor proceeded to tell us that Ky could have swallowed some of my blood while being in the womb, but that it should have passed by now. I brought up that could it may possibly be a milk intolerance? The doctor told me with him being so young it was highly unlikely, but they changed his formula anyways. He still tested positive for blood in his stool but they sent him home with us.

Within the first week-two weeks I automatically started noticing signs of reflux because my oldest son had acid reflux when he was a baby, but he outgrew it by 4 months old. I called the doctor and made an appointment. "Let's add rice cereal and start on Zantac." Ah, Zantac.. an H2 blocker that babies build up a tolerance to. Two weeks later, blood in the stool.

Make an appointment and end up seeing another doctor, "Your baby is gaining weight, he does NOT have acid reflux he has COLIC so stop adding the rice cereal and stop the acid reflux medication, he's JUST FINE and he will grow out of Colic soon enough."

They made me look and feel completely CRAZY.

Two month check up comes around, I fought for my sweet Ky. This is not Colic! He is IN PAIN. He needs medication, and I demanded a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist. 2 hour drive, still blood in his stool as he threw up all over the waiting room floor and screamed in pain. MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance), and the GI put him BACK ON ZANTAC. I just said okay. We left.

I called and changed pediatricians.

It took tons of research with me in my binder with my crying, screaming baby, and 3 year old, and I begged for this new doctor to please just believe me.

And he did.

He sent Kylan to a new pediatric gastroenterologist that we like and takes the time to listen to us and our concerns.

I joined the Facebook page Infant Acid Reflux Solutions in June. I was so lost, discouraged, scared, and I felt crazy like I was the only one going through this..

But I WAS NOT ALONE. So many mamas have supported me, reached out to me, and prayed for our sweet Ky and in return I do the same for every single mama and baby on this page that's going through what we have been through.

When I heard about TummyCare Max, I was hesitant, also my husband and family thought I was down right CRAZY. But I didn't care. I was fighting for my baby, I was and am still his voice because he does not have one! I ordered the coffee grinder, the omeprazole, and a sweet mama sent me the TummyCare Max kit (You know who you are, God Bless your sweet soul and heart mama) 💓.

I made our first batch and I felt like superwoman. Then my anxiety kicked in and I was like "Oh my God what did I do, do I give this to him!?" YES. I gave Ky his first few doses, and I couldn't believe the changes I was seeing. No back arching, no screaming, HE SMILED AND LAUGHED, MY BABY LAUGHED FOR THE FIRST TIME and my heart melted until a huge puddle!

Then I sure nuff did rub it all in my hubs face, lol.

Every baby is different. Some babies experience no acid battles, but Ky did. I wanted to give up. But I couldn't give up, look at how far we have already come, I was not turning back now. So I kept fighting. I fought with my baby. I cried with my baby. I cried in the shower.

Y'all, I cried.

But there is a light at the end of that tunnel. With cherry liquid supreme, and gas drops everywhere we'd go along with our TummyCare Max, we kept fighting. That acid battle means it is GETTING BETTER.

Ky smiles, laughs, can hold his head up, just started teething, eating baby food, and rolled over from front to back for the FIRST TIME yesterday.

So sweet mama reading this, don't give up. Keep being your babies voice, keep fighting the good fight until you see that light at the end of your acid battle tunnel.

It's there. I promise.

I'm praying for you even though I don't know you, I feel like I do. You're never alone. Thank you Dr. P, Kira, Carly, Marci kids dosing, and TummyCare Max for giving my sweet Ky his milestones and smiles back!
Kylan and his mommy ❤️

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