Finally the right dose....

by Ashley Waite
(Richmond, VA USA )

We were on our second PPI and our child was 15th percentile for weight and moving down the scale at 12weeks of age. I had seen this website and Marci dosing many times in my search for an answer to help my sweet baby. I finally decided to book the telemedicine appt, even though we had an ENT, GI and Pediatrician trying to help us. THE BEST THING I EVER DID!

Dr. Prince is a Pediatrician who helps struggling parents just like all of us find the right PPI dose for our child. We went through the acid battle for 19 days (please read what the acid battle is; Emma was in a constant battle for weeks prior due to under dosing). And now, we have a smiling, thriving 65th percentile 6 month old baby! Please trust your instincts and ask your Pediatrician or other doctor for the right dose...if you can’t get it, make an appt with Dr. Prince.

We also booked an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Phillips, the Pharm-D who lead the MARCI dosing study. The science behind everything makes so much sense if you’re interested in learning more. This company is accessible in every way to help your baby and your family get through reflux. Read the stories....there is a light at the end.

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Apr 18, 2023
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Feb 01, 2019

by: Kira

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