Finally someone listened

by Melinda
(Glasgow, Ky)

My little one's reflux was so severe that she was having chronic breathing episodes to the point of passing out.

Being in a small town with no pediatric GI doctors, all I had to rely on was our pediatrician who seemed to not have much knowledge on dealing with a newborn with such severe reflux.

I reached out to Dr. Phillips and not only did he educate me so that way I can educate our pediatrician, he helped me correctly dose my little one.

The medication we were getting from the pharmacy was causing uncontrolled vomiting and once we changed over to the pharmacy this team works with and adjusted my little one's dosages, it was almost like an instant relief.

She can finally hold down her medications and she's really having breathing episodes anymore.

I don't know where we would be without Dr. Prince and dr. Phillips help. Actually I do know where we would be..... probably sitting in a hospital bed because that's where we spent most of our time before Dr. Prince and Dr Phillips help.

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