Almost hopeless

by Morgan
(Nashville, TN)

We started this journey in September 2018 when we were desperate and this group absolutely saved us. Going from holding him 23 hrs each day, hours of screaming, Sandifer’s Symptoms, and near insanity, we took a chance on Marci dosing.

Our acid battle lasted an excruciating 23 days but the switch flipped and our sweet boy felt relief. The next year was not easy as we navigated teething flares, new foods, growing, and transitions but we were able to get reflux controlled, sleep train at 6mo, and live a somewhat normal life!

We started weaning after a year (in Sept 2019) and it took us about 7mo but that was through winter and cold season so we were conservative with pushing it!

Graham is 22mo as of May 4th and reflux disease is behind us!!


We are eternally grateful for this group and Erin Heitshusen, Jeffrey Phillips, Dr. Prince, Kira Volpi, and the other parents that helped guide us during this incredibly difficult journey!

If you are just starting out, there is hope and relief ahead! Hang in there!!!

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