A totally different baby

by Lauren
(Seattle, WA)

happy guy!

happy guy!

When our second son was born in November, it wasn't 24 hours before I was wondering why he was crying more than I remember my first did. In addition, the first couple weeks we were home with him, I came to realize that I had a high-needs, sensitive baby. He needed more holding, more nursing, more attention than I remembered a newborn needed. And it got worse at 2 weeks old--he started screaming in what seemed like pain around the clock. If he wasn't sleeping, he was crying or shrieking in pain.

We were frantic, and went to the doctor where he said it was probably colic, but they gave us a prescription to Zantac "just in case" it was reflux. We had no relief from the Zantac, and with a baby who can't be put down and just cried all day, I wasn't settling for a colic diagnosis.

We started to see that the pain was clearly related to eating, when he started refusing to eat. We happened to have an appointment with the pediatrician again during a feeding, and the doctor saw first hand the pain and eating refusal, and we walked out with a prescription for Prevacid and a referral to a pediatric GI.

We did an Upper GI, which showed significant reflux and indications of delayed gastric emptying, but the GI also told us he thought it was colic and refused to treat for reflux.

Frustrated, we started the Prevacid and immediately saw a significant improvement. The eating got a bit better, he cried a little less...but he was still a pretty unhappy guy a lot of the time.

So after a lot of research and with a lot of support from other parents of reflux babies, we ordered TummyCare Max and switched our son to Prilosec. Within 2 weeks, we had a totally different baby.

It turns out that under all of that pain and unhappiness is actually a very relaxed, laid back little guy! He started daycare, a prospect that terrified me when he was a month old, and his daycare provider routinely comments on how "chill" he is. He smiles at everyone and does a little "happy feet" dance when someone he knows comes in the room.

We own a huge thank you to infant-acid-reflux-solutions.com and TummyCare Max for getting our son out of pain and letting his true personality shine through. He has been healthy and happy for the last 2 months since we started him on this product and we haven't looked back!

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Dec 31, 2012
Us, too!
by: Anonymous

We found our happy baby girl once she was on Tummy Care Max and omeprazole, too! Thanks for sharing your story - it helps to know we're not alone.

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