by Josh
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)



We have twins that are now almost 5 months old. They were diagnosed with reflux at about 8 weeks. One has silent reflux and had some scary incidents where he would struggle to breathe. The other very obvious signs of reflux.

Our ped wasn't the most helpful and almost dismissive over our concerns. I need answers and help so to the Google machine and Facebook for me.

Thankfully I found this website and read everything I could about Marci dosing.

Even then I was skeptical of putting the kids on medication. At this time our ped finally suggested Zantac and I finally agreed to use it. The Zantac helped for a few days but not enough.

I found the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Facebook group and started asking questions. Kira was very upfront and suggested I fill out the Reflux questionnaire. 2 days later we had an appt with Dr. Tamika and two days after that we had the correct meds at the correct dose.

Within in 2 weeks we had completely different babies, happy smiling and very little fussing. Then teething and 4 month vaccinations hit. Our daughter struggled with a flare ups. We decided we need to up the kids to a third dose a day to help them with their symptoms. A quick email to Kira and our script was modified to match the change.

Thank you to the awesome team at Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and their compounding pharmacy, without you we wouldn't have seen our kids as happy as they are and mostly pain free.

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