When Local Doctors Won't Listen

My baby has had severe silent reflux since around 2 weeks old; we put off meds as long as we could and then realized the power of them when we finally went on Zantac ... We rode that drug as long as we could (too long); she had built a tolerance to it and we didn't realize.

Through a Facebook support group, I came across Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and the concept of MARCI dosing.

I read all the stories of babies who were failure to thrive and then after dosing became practically pain free. This was intriguing but almost kept me from treating my daughter --- I mean, she was happy all day, didn't cry or scream at night. She just woke every 45 mins grunting and throwing her hands around and we had to pay or bounce her. So, for the first almost 5 months of her life, she slept on our chests. I mean, she's not failure to thrive so why would I put her on a PPI and through the dreaded 'acid battle.'

As it became harder to deal with the wakings, we approached 2 doctors and a GI who denied MARCI dosing and one said 'if you want MARCI dosing, then find someone at MARCI to treat her.'

Through the website, I filled out the questionnaire and had a telemed appt with Dr. Prince. She explained to me how effective PPIs were - they work and said that if my baby is acting this way, her acid is definitely NOT under control.

After the appt, Kira promptly followed up to work on the prescription. My daughter has severe food intolerances and cannot tolerate many special compounds so they allowed me to work with my local pharmacy to get meds that gave me piece of mind with minimal ingredients.

We administered and acid battle wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be--- if you have a baby with severe reflux, I promise you have seen them worse! We titrated up our dose... It lasted longer than the 14 days, but my baby finally started sleeping OFF my chest, in 3 hour increments --- which is huge.

We still have some nights of regression as we work on formula and diet, but the PPI and MARCI dosing has been a game changer for us.

Kira stays in touch and supports you in the process and the support group is helpful.

Happy that I can get the medication I need without having to beg local doctors for months; great set up.

Many thanks !!

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