What a journey

by Megan boehme
(Gray court, SC)

I am so proud to say at 8 months old 6 months adjusted my son Greysen no longer needs medication!

Thank you to Doctor Prince and Kristen and Sarah!

Moms I am living proof to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. The long sleepless nights- the crying clawing and screaming. I thought we would never make it through.

Once we got on omeprazole 3x a day with a buffer to not have to wait to feed him that’s when our world changed!

We increased his dose and finding the right formula- for him it was similac sensitive ready to feed. We were able to wean him down from 3-2-1 per day and then just stopped in total when he was ready.

It’s such a hard process and I remember those nights oh so well. Stay strong and just remember one day at a time.

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