Your opportunity to hear from the leading treatment specialist in the area of infant GERD. Dr. Jennifer Prince!


LIVE webinar every 3rd Thursday of the month. Q&A session with opportunity to submit your questions to Dr. Prince.

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Webinar 10-2022: What to do before trying medications? What are the signs to look for that mean medications are needed now? How long should I try formula/diet changes? How safe are medications for treating my baby? Recorded Q&A session from families.

Recorded Webinar $40

This page offers the opportunity to attend, learn, ask questions and review past webinars. This is the best online resource for live and recorded infant GERD Information. Hear Dr Prince's professional views on treatment, feeding concerns, non-medication treatments, why symptoms happen and what to do to help now. If you attend a live webinar you'll an opportunity to submit your questions for a direct response from Dr. Prince herself! What an incredible opportunity.