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Dr Tamika

Hi, I’m Dr. Tamika, a Board-Certified Doctor that has been specializing in successfully treating infant acid reflux for over a decade.

Most families are frustrated with the care they receive in the area of infant GERD or reflux. Many care givers will call it normal. This is frustrating because there is a difference between "normal" and "common".

Being a specialist in this area I am aware that anything that is causing discomfort over time is not normal. There are so many treatments that can help you and your baby right away.

My approach helps babies and families achieve a better quality of life. I realize that you may not know how to help your baby or maybe you've seen your care provider and have not gotten any resolution from the sometimes scary and confusing symptoms that may be causing pain, discomfort, or maybe preventing your baby from eating, growing and thriving in a normal way.

Not many doctors know how to treat reflux and some may not even acknowledge it is a treatable condition.

That's where I can help.  No matter what's happening with your baby, no matter how mild, moderate or severe the symptoms are, I am very sensitive to the fact that any symptoms are discomforting and I do know how to act quickly in getting those symptoms under control.

I use a ground up method of treatment that starts with what you've tried already and perhaps has not worked. I assure you that some things work for some babies and may not for others. So it's important to start there. Then you, as the parent, and I can work through the options that actually will help your baby.

When it comes to treatment, all the factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration; including the body, mind, spirit, and community. This allows for whole-body healing and the prevention of future disease and illness.

Working this way we can put together a plan that will get your baby out of pain in just a matter of a few days.


About Dr. Tamika

Dr. Tamika utilizes holistic, functional, and integrative approaches, but also realizes that sometimes medicine is needed. Especially if the baby is in a moderate to severe stage. Getting the baby away from the symptoms that are causing pain & discomfort. Giving room to find out the root cause while that baby is eating and thriving normally.

She aims to form a strong partnership with each family she treats and creates a customized path to healing for each family as a whole. Her work to repair and health and microbiome is achieved through individualized treatment plans.