We went from a bleeding esophagus to clean scopes after starting treatment!!!

by Holly

My son has reflux due to a tracheoesophgeal repair at birth. When he was 9 months old he was gagging on foods and had silent reflux.

The surgeon scoped him and found his esophagus was bleeding and had ulcers due to uncontrolled silent reflux.

The meds he was on was not helping. He had eosinophilic esophagitis. After much research I found the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Group and my kiddo received treatment with Prilosec.

Feedings got better and a few months later we had a clean scope. The fact that I have to absolutely protect this child's repair site so he does not get a stricture and get food stuck from uncontrolled reflux was my main goal.

This group helped tremendously because they offered an effective compound I did not need to time around feedings. It was immediate acting.

Those with children know that timing around feedings is nearly impossible for kids.

I had found my Godsend!!! We love this group and could not have gotten this reflux under control without it.

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