TummyCare Max gave me my family back!

by Molly
(Tuscaloosa, AL)

8 months old, 4 months on TC Max

8 months old, 4 months on TC Max

My second daughter was born in July 2011. The first two weeks were fine, and then she started screaming all day and not sleeping. Our pediatrician said she had colic and there was nothing to worry about because she was gaining weight. However, my baby was miserable and so was my 2 year old. It took weeks to get a proper diagnosis of silent infant reflux and MSPI.

With the help of a pediatric GI we were able to get her reflux about 70% controlled with a compound. That wasn't enough for me, I wanted a happy and pain free baby all the time. I read about TCMax and the team at Infant Acid Reflux Solutions on an online forum for parents of reflux babies. I ordered it because I felt it was our last option.

About 10 days after we started TCmax with over the counter Omeprazole we had a new baby.

She smiled, ate, and slept just like all my friends' babies. My 2 year old finally could bond with her sister, and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

We found our answer!

Now, my little refluxer is 15 months old and has been off TC Max for a month now. She has grown out of reflux, just like our pediatrician said she would. But thanks to this product she didn't have to be in pain until she did.

If we ever have another baby I will order TCMax well before my due date and hope I won't need it.

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