Trust your gut

by Peyton Hernandez
(Iowa, United States )

I knew something was wrong the day my son was born. He was spitting up so much and even hours after he would eat. It was like clockwork when he would spit up.

Next he was such a sad baby that it was to the point the first few months of his life it was like if he was awake he was crying.

His pediatrician just told me it was colic and he would grow out of it. I had a feeling it had to be something else and I was suffering from PPD bad.

I found this group and decided to take matters into my own hands and Dr. Prince saved my sanity.

It didn’t matter to me the price. Money doesn’t matter to me when my mental health is more important and helping my child.

My son has been on meds since he was 3 months old and he was a whole new baby after getting to his magic dose.

We are a week away from being completely done with treatment and I am so happy I followed my gut.

My son is no longer arching his back in pain, he can eat anything and has no reflux issues. He is currently 17 months old and I am so happy he is happy.

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