Truly saved my baby from the depths of her pain

by Emily
(Texas )

HAPPY girl!

HAPPY girl!

I’m a mom of four - aged 16, 15, 11, and 2.5 months. It’s true what they say! All babies are different. My older children all had different temperaments and were varying degrees of “normal.” But when #4 made her debut, I knew from day one that she wasn’t well. It didn’t take long for her medical providers to see it too.

Ember was diagnosed with moderate to severe GERD at just 2 weeks old.

When we weren’t in the hospital bc of episodes that caused her to stop breathing, we were at home where she was screaming in pain for probably 8+ hours a day. She didn’t nap like a new baby should nap (I estimate she was getting maybe 10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period when she was at her worst). She wasn’t gaining weight to the degree her doctors wanted. She wasn’t even attempting to engage or hit milestones bc she was so consumed by discomfort and pain. Her medical team was ordering more and more invasive tests every week, and prescribing more and more medicine to counteract the side effects of her existing meds. It was heartbreaking all the way around.

We spent our days playing the distraction game just to get her to stop screaming as much as we possibly could. We were constantly going outside, getting in the bath, getting in the shower, pushing her around the house in a stroller, babywearing, comfort nursing, standing in steamy bathrooms with the shower running.. I could go on. I used to just hold her and cry right along with her. We couldn’t take her to meet friends and family. I couldn’t even put her in any of her cute outfits. I know that seems trivial but really it just goes to show how profoundly it impacted every corner of our life. She was so stiff and in so much pain all of the time. We spent every waking moment trying to bring her some comfort. It was mentally and physically exhausting, it took time away from our bigger kids, and it just made it really difficult for us to connect as a family during what should have been a time of great joy.

At some point in my desperation, I found the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions group. I think I booked a telemed appointment with Dr. Prince that same night. She prescribed us omeprazole + TC Max on the MARCI dosing regimen. I’ll be honest. I was nervous and I didn’t immediately fill the prescription. But after one particularly traumatic hospital visit, my husband and I decided it was time.

We’ve been on omeprazole + TC Max for 3 weeks now. On the whole, it is a NIGHT and day difference! She’s gaining the recommended ounce of weight per day. We rarely need to supplement formula anymore. I almost never hear acid fizzing in her throat now, hear her gulping it back, or see her writhing in pain. She has brief periods of normal newborn fussiness but most of the time these days, she’s smiling and cooing, figuring out her hands and feet, and engaging with the world around her. Today she learned how to grab an object and bring it to her mouth! She also sleeps 😭

She just isn’t suffering anymore. ♥️

It’s been incredible to watch her emerge from her pain. I hope every suffering infant and family out there is able to find the treatment that works for them. Your baby needs it!

I’d also like to add that my experience with Dr. Prince and her team has been great! Their communication is always quick, kind, and professional. The portal is super easy to use and I love the convenience of having TC Max called in for me.

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