This product saved our sanity!!

by Lisa Maresh
(Olympia, WA, USA)

Two Happy BellyBuffer kiddos - Garrett and Olivia

Two Happy BellyBuffer kiddos - Garrett and Olivia

I really don't know what to say about a product that literally changed our daughter's life...and ours!!

We were at our wits end when our daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks of age. We tried EVERYTHING (compounded Zantac, compounded Omeprazole, Mylanta Cherry Supreme, Omeprazole beads in applesauce, and when this TummyCare and BellyBuffers was unavailable we tried Zegerid) and TummyCare and BellyBuffers was/is the ONLY thing that worked for us.

We finally have a child who is HAPPY!!! She also began sleeping through the night and taking naps for the first time ever!!! My daughter is now almost 3 years old and still uses Belly Buffers twice a day and her almost 5 year old brother uses it once a day. It really is a fantastic product and most of all IT WORKS!!!

Do not hesitate!!! It's safe and our MD is also on board with us using it...she knows it was the only thing that worked for us and has seen the damage done when it wasn't available.

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