There is hope at the end of the tunnel

by Nicky Banfield
(Temple, TX)

Thank you all for such and amazing group. I won’t be leaving as I still want to see your journeys but I want to announce that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Keep faith.

He’s 9 months so thankfully it happened sooner than later.

But ladies: it does get better!

The choking, the suffocating, the screaming agonizing wails do stop one day. The acid does subside with help of the acid medicine and then one day you won’t need it anymore. One day you will just know and stop one midday dose, then another, then the last. And then one day that little baby full of life and spirit won’t need it anymore. Does he still throw up sometimes? Yes when he’s too full I’ve noticed, or coughs too much on a throat tickle. But the acid? The acid is no longer an issue. It’s been a month without it. A month with smiles and adventures and not trying to remember to pack an ice pack and ready to feed and omeprazole. A month without seeing him suffocate and wail in pain being tortured by his own bodies acid. A month without a worry because of his GERD.

Ladies there is hope. Keep holding on.

Do I still wake up 4 times a night and make sure he’s still breathing and didn’t choke and suffocate on acid? Yes. Do I still make mindful meals not to upset the acid? Yes.

But honeys there is hope! I love y’all!

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