The Support We Knew We Needed

by Reagan

Reflux is not a foreign thing to our family as both adult GERD and infant GERD/silent reflux seems to unfortunately be a common occurrence. So, it was no secret when our 3rd little arrived that we knew exactly what he had when he started showing signs at 2 days old. However, our reflux journey with our 3rd was not like it was with our first two. However, if it wasn’t for Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, TCMax, and Dr. Tamika, I do not know how we would have found the treatment and care that we knew our little needed and kept getting denied. With our first 2 littles, we thankfully had supportive pediatricians that from the beginning were on target with treating the GERD and silent reflux that they both had. They were supportive and not dismissive and made sure that doses were enough to make sure that they were pain and symptom free and well as made dose adjustments as needed with no questions asked. Unfortunately, due to moving and insurance, the pediatrician we had for our 3rd was not the same as our previous ones and basically for 6 weeks kept dismissing our concerns, having us try this or that and then “report back in 2 weeks”, and even got to the point of telling us that even though we had experience with our first 2 babies having reflux, that what was used to treat them was no longer allowed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I knew better and immediately went searching for help that I just knew had to be out there. There was no way that what was done for our first 2 was just now all of a sudden not done in some capacity still. I am SO THANKFUL that in my searching for help I found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and Dr. Tamika. They knew exactly what we were going through, were SO helpful and supportive, and immediately got my little on the medication he so desperately needed and the proper dose as well to fully treat his painful reflux and get him to the happy baby that we all knew that he should be. It was also a major plus given this was our 3rd child and we were a busy family that the TCMAx buffer allowed for the medication to be immediate release and we didn’t have to worry about timing giving it around feedings! While knowing our 3rd is our last and due to the lack of support and constant dismissal that we received from his pediatrician, we were robbed of the precious newborn stage with him, we are forever thankful to Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and Dr. Tamika for all of their support and care and for helping get our little guy out of pain and us from survival mode to enjoying being a family of 5!

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