The light at the end of the tunnel.

by Kali Newby

Happy baby!

Happy baby!

Hi mamas and daddies, I'm Kali and I'm hoping that our story with our second GERD baby gives you that little bit of hope you so desperately want and need right now. I know what you're going through, and I know right now it's hard to believe; but, it will get better. I promise. I didn't think my youngest son, Kylan's acid reflux would ever get better, but I'm here to share with you the good and the bad of our journey..

Kylan was born in May of 2016, weighing 8lbs 10oz we had a beautiful baby boy to add to our family as our 3 year old Kaiden became a big brother! While in the nursery at the hospital they discovered blood in Kylan's stool, and it scared me to death. We then found out he had a milk soy protein intolerance and would have to be on special formula. When Kylan was a few weeks old I started noticing signs of acid reflux, since Kaiden also had acid reflux when he was a baby I thought this would be nothing new, I WAS SO WRONG! Kylan's acid reflux was a bit more severe then Kaiden's was, and the doctors didn't help me at all. Since Kylan was gaining weight all the doctors we saw claimed he had colic and that he would grow out of it by 3 months old, they also said he may have acid reflux so they prescribed him Zantac, an H2 blocker that babies build up a tolerance to and after about two weeks it stops helping them with their pain that they are in.

That happened with Kylan, so back to the doctor we went, and again since Kylan was gaining weight the doctors had no concerns but they were not the ones at home watching him screaming in pain like a fire breathing dragon while I sat there crying and praying for something or someone to help my baby! I got fed up with the doctors not doing anything, even the two pediatric gastroenterologists we drove over two hours to see were a waste of time, because AGAIN "Your baby is healthy, he's gaining weight just fine!"


Just because my baby was gaining weight did not mean he wasn't in horrible pain every single day, arching his back after every single feeding, screaming as I smelt the sour smelling breath from his cries, projectile vomiting and having to have his outfit change ten times a day while I had to change mine twenty times a day.


I finally found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and I knew it was a sign from God himself, he brought me to this group because he knew I needed help, since I was also battling post partum depression while watching my sweet Kylan suffer in pain every single day and my precious Kaiden starving for attention as well, it was extremely hard!

I requested to join and was accepted. I immediately started reading other mamas posts and started researching everything myself as well. There were other mamas going through the same thing I was going through! I thought this was AMAZING, I thought I was all alone this whole time, but I wasn't! These mamas along with the amazing Dr. P and Kira knew exactly what I was going through, and finally I had hope for the first time in a long time. I kept seeing mamas post about something called TC Max and MarciKids Dosing, and I was completely lost at first; but, little did I know that these two things would change my baby Ky's life for the absolute better! I jumped on board and received TC Max, a bit skeptical at first of course trying something new with my 2 month old, but I didn't have anything left to do and I wanted my sweet baby to be happy!

I learned so much over the next 4 months that it blew my mind and everyone else that I ran into along the ways mind as well. TC Max is a buffer that is safe for MSPI babies like my sweet Ky, it is vanilla ice cream flavored and can be given regardless of feeding times- WOW! I was having to give a PPI (Proton Pumps Inhibitors such as Omeprazole, Prevacid, and Nexium) 45 minutes before a feeding and Kylan would be starving for a bottle but we had to hold him off for 45 minutes until he could have a bottle which was pure torture for not only Kylan but me and my husband as well because we hated seeing Kylan unhappy!

TC Max totally changed everything! A complete 360 that I never thought was possible. We went through an acid battle, that can last up to 14 days and I'm not going to lie, I felt like giving up, I thought I made the wrong choice and because of me my baby was still in pain; but, I stood firm and got to day 14- MAGICAL. I just can't even put it into words.. My sweet Ky was HAPPY, he was smiling, laughing for the first time, laying on his belly for tummy time, Thriving, eating more, spitting up less and smiling after spitting up, he was a happy spitter! My baby was no longer in pain, and I cried happy tears as I thanked God and Dr P and Kira and other mamas in this amazing group because I jumped and I trusted them the whole way, and it was MORE THAN WORTH IT.

I now have a 18lb 6 month old happy, heathy, precious baby boy who had FOUR teeth, sits up by himself, takes naps on his belly, has the sweetest laugh, smiles all the time, and who is also crawling slowly but surely!

TC Max and the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions practice saved my baby from the pain he was in, and I will FOREVER be grateful! We will forever be blessed! That long dark, cold, lonely, hopeless, depressing tunnel had the most brightest of lights at the end, and we reached it!

Thank you Dr. P, Kira, and Infant Acid Reflux Solutions for changing my sweet Kylan's life for the absolute better. You all will forever be so loved and hold special places in our hearts!


Kali and Kylan Newby <3

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Jun 07, 2023
So glad we could help!
by: Dr Jenn Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

It means the world to us to hear from parents like you and know that we were able to play a part in helping Kylan feel better!

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