The answer for us

by Samantha

So very very thankful for TC Max and Marci dosing and years of research in childhood GERD.

G struggled for so long, we first found some success when we started Marci dosing (January) but she still complained so much of ouchy belly so I decided to give home compounding a try with TC Max (May), it took her time to accept a liquid but once we fully committed, I never looked back. She was a normal toddler for the first time, asking for food, sleeping soundly at night (still some waking but I think that is abandonment/separation fear-foster child).

Then one day we ran out. 😲

I don't think I fully realized how far we had come until we went back. I continued the use of a PPI and Marci dosing but in the two weeks off TC Max, her tummy aches returned, she was crying at night and so restless and constantly rubbing her belly in her sleep.

Yesterday, we got 15 packets total of TC Max in our two shipments from the US. I immediately home compounded and started her second dose of the day with TC Max

She slept last night, we both needed it! She was still so still I actually checked to make sure she was breathing. No waking, slept all night.

Anyone struggling with a baby/toddler with GERD . . . check it out. We have tried it all, done all the tests, therapy, this was the answer for us.

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Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

Thank you for leaving an Infant Acid Reflux Solutions review! We appreciate it and thank you for the kind words.

Dr Jennifer Prince really cares about her patients and reads all these reviews personally and she also appreciates the reviews.

Reviews like this help us help others and enable us to create more happy baby stories and build more confidence in our services.
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Oct 28, 2020

by: Kira

Amazing. We're so happy you found us too!

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