Thank you so much! You are such a lifesaver!!

by Kim
(Dallas, TX)

Before having Alex I had no idea that baby acid reflux even existed. After a few months in the baby reflux world I was introduced to TummyCare Max.

I was hesitant to order something off the internet from a company I didn't know. It would be bad enough if the product were for me, but this was for my tiniest and most precious child.

But I am sure glad that we did!

Alex was a happy baby within about 2 weeks of starting the TummyCare Max. It's easy to administer the product. It's easy to titrate (wean) the product to the exact dose needed. It makes it easy to change doses and most of all, TummyCare Max makes the proton pump inhibitor taste good so our babies don't mind taking it.

Best of all, when the time came, it was easy to start lowering Alex's dose because using TummyCare Max made it soo easy to lower my 1 or 2 mgs.

I also appreciated only having to mix his product weekly versus daily.

Thank you for your product and the baby coos and smiles that it brought to our home.

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