Thank you Lord :)

by Megan Lynch

My LO had infant acid reflux from the get go. It wasn't awful at first.

His pediatrician put him on Zantac and Maalox PRN. It worked okay for the first month or two, but soon we were at our max dose.

He then put him on omeprazole and it was horrible. He was hurting so bad. Screaming until he cried himself to sleep. We kept increasing the dose until the DR said if it didn't work he'd need to be examined.

I of course was researching to learn all about acid reflux in infants. As an RN I had some knowledge about reflux, but not in infants.

I found TummyCare Max and talked to my husband about it. I really contemplated whether or not to use it. I respect doctors and didn't want to go against his orders, but I was desperate.

I ordered TummyCare Max. At first I didn't wanna try MARCIKIDS dosing, so I just increased it some to see if it worked.

After 2 weeks I decided to give MARCIKIDS dosing a try because he was still having symptoms. 2 weeks after I started MARCIKIDS dosing with TummyCare Max he improved drastically!

No more Maalox and no more screaming. He was the happy little baby I knew he could be!! I thank god first for Infant Acid Reflux Solutions helping my little boy and TummyCare Max!!!

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Jul 29, 2017

by: Kira

Megan thank you so much for sharing your story. I know it will help other mamas.

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