Thank you Infant Acid Reflux Solutions we ❤️ You!

by Cassandra
(Allentown, PA)

Little Lu is our second reflux baby. She struggled immediately from the hospital to home. Our pediatrician wanted to try the normal remedies first, but I knew in my gut Lu was just like our son Fausto and she would struggle without medicine.

The first 2 months my husband and I took turns holding her all day and night while she screamed. Literally, walking around outside at 4 am because outside was the only thing that calmed her enough to get her to breathe and take a bottle. We didn’t sleep, she didn’t sleep, and our other two kids suffered also.

I found this company and Dr P and Kira on a mom group chat. I am a teacher, a history teacher to be exact, so research is my jam. I researched a ton, read every page on the site and hundreds of moms blogs/posts about the product and Marci dosing.

In the meantime, our GI was useless. Didn’t listen, didn’t care. Because miss Lu was actually slowly gaining, it was as if all her pain did not matter, not even in the slightest.

Choosing Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and this journey with the doctors and group has been the best for our lives. Not just Lu’s but my husband and I and our 2 boys. Because it was and is the ONLY thing that has helped our little girl.

It hasn’t been a perfect journey, and we are tired parents a lot of the time, BUT, one things for certain, without these people our baby doesn’t eat, she doesn’t sleep and she’s not her happy chill and bubbly self. We didn’t even know our daughter or her personality until we got on a good regiment with the help of Dr P, Kira and Dr. Prince. It was like all of the sudden someone took the curtain off our daughter, and she blossomed into this really rad baby.

From the bottom of my entire families heart, and especially Lu’s, we thank you so much for your tireless efforts to help our baby. And all the babies, all the moms and dads and siblings and grandparents that you tend to, answer their calls and questions and support so incredibly.

We could NOT survive this year without you. And, our baby can’t go on without this service.

God bless. THANK YOU!!!!

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