by Casey Adkins
(Virginia Beach VA)

My daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux around 3 weeks old.

It was horrible.

She could barely choke down 2oz of formula before screaming - and I mean screaming usually for an hour after eating. Our pediatrician prescribed Zantac and it either...for 5 days. Even after upping the dose, we were right back to square one. So we went back to the pediatrician who reluctantly prescribe pharmacy compounded omeprazole- 2.4ml once a day. (Mind you, the pediatrician said it likely wasn't reflux and she was just colicky and didn't expect meds to help).

So, we tried the meds for 3 weeks and NO HELP.

The pediatrician refused to up the dose. So, I started reading stories online, joined Facebook groups, researched and researched. And I found TummyCare Max and Marci Dosing and decided to give it a shot, because what did we have to lose.

We placed our order and waited - miserably, I might add. TummyCare Max arrived and things got worse because The acid battle was horrible. She cried at every feeding and so did I.

But, 12 days in - somehow, we had a good bottle! No fussing, no screams, and she ate it all! Things just continued to stay positive.

I'm so grateful for the moms who told me about TummyCare Max. It's given me my happy baby girl back!

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