TCM and Marci dosing saved our sanity!

by Katie Gudgel
(Carrollton, TX)

My daughter Emma screamed in pain for the first couple of months of her life. She would arch her back, rub her face, and spit up tons to name a few symptoms.

I did research online and knew it was reflux. Her pediatrician prescribed Zantac first, which didn’t help. He then prescribed Nexium. The dose was very low. After a couple of weeks he upped the dose, but it still didn’t help.

I started reading about Marci dosing and around that time a mutual friend told me about TummyCare Max and Marci dosing and how it helped her son. I felt like God had placed her in my life at the right time. I read a lot of information on it and success stories.

I was sold.

I took the information to our pediatrician and he agreed to try it. Our insurance covered the Nexium, so we used that. We decided to order TummyCare Max as well because timing it around feedings and spitting up was so hard.

It was a lifesaver.

We made plain TummyCare Max at home and mixed with our Nexium packets.

It was so easy! Our baby started smiling more and sleeping better. We were able to wean her off Nexium right at a year. She’s a happy healthy 2 year old now! We would not have survived that first year without TummyCare Max, Marci dosing, Dr. Phillips and the support of the fellow moms who were in our shoes.

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