So very grateful!!

by Kim Ford
(Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA)

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Our baby girl was born 9/19/16, and completed our family of 3 girls. Taylor was the dream baby for the first 2 weeks we came home from the hospital... sleeping 4-5 hours at night, only crying when she was hungry.. I thought we were in for an easy ride.

I was wrong.

At around 2 weeks, she began to be fussy with feeds. Taking an hour to drink 2 oz, and exhausting herself from trying so hard.

Then came the spitting up... at first a little, no big deal. It turned into full blown projectile spitting up, constant changing of clothes.. but that didn't bother me.

It was seeing her in pain that broke my heart..

Writhing from pain, being hungry but unable to eat from it burning so bad. Her pediatrician put her on Zantac. My oldest had reflux and Zantac worked for her, so I figured it would for Taylor.


It made this veteran Mama feel like a failing rookie. We changed bottles.. thickened feeds.. went to soy formula..tried Axid.. tried elemental formula.. on to Prevacid compound.

The night I found myself and my girl both crying from frustration, pain, and exhaustion was the last straw. I happened upon Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and the doctor led compounding guidance for TCMax in a haze in the middle of the night, and ordered.. it couldn't possibly get any worse for my girl!

Within 2 days, she was drinking her bottle without crying and fighting it from pain.

By day 5, she is now drinking almost 6 Oz bottles 5 times a day... from a week ago with me getting maybe 15oz in her a day.

The spitting up has all but disappeared, and when she does she doesn't shed one tear!!!

To see the difference in less than a week has given us so much hope that it is only going to get better for her from here.

I got more smiles and giggles today than I have in weeks, and to see her feeling so much better so quickly is something I will forever be grateful for!!!

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Jun 08, 2023
I am so glad to hear she's feeling better!
by: Dr Jenn Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

It means the world to us to hear from parents like you and know that we were able to play a part in helping your daughter feel better!

Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

Thank you for leaving an Infant Acid Reflux Solutions review! We appreciate it and thank you for the kind words.
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Apr 10, 2017
Tears of joy
by: Kira

Kim, these stories never fail to make me tear up. It brings so much joy to my heart to know that your baby is feeling better and that there are smiles and giggles in your home.

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