by Alicia OBrien

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to share my own reflux journey with you all.

This is my 2 year old daughter Raegan, and she is now a happy and healthy toddler thanks to Dr Tamika and tcmax! Like many of you, we struggled with sleep, fussy feedings, spit-up, screaming in pain, loose stools and constant bum rash. We struggled through the million formula changes (it sure seemed like a million) but after allergy testing we ended up on neocate, the low dosing of meds, stool testing, swallow study, upper gi to check for reflux and of corse all the doctors saying "it's just colic" or "she will grow out of it" and the popular "she's maxed out of meds, we can't go any higher is dosing."

After testing confirmed the reflux, and walking out on our local gi doctor, I came to Facebook for help and hoping I wasn't the only one fighting for my daughters health and that what we were experiencing was more than just colic.

I found this group, immediately had an appointment with Dr. Tamika and began Marci dosing and using tcmax. We did try our local pharmacy, and using meds prescribed by our local gi but we quickly found they made the gas worse and the meds lost effectiveness after about 2-3wks.

After seeing Dr. Tamika, in just 48hrs we saw a reduction in symptoms, better sleeps and I was able to put her down and take a shower! It may seem simple, but reflux is no joke and it becomes exhausting in all areas of your life. You feel defeated, like you're not being heard by the people you are trusting with your babies health, you're tired physically and mentally, and at times it feels like it's never going to end. I have been there, and I'm here to say it will get better, you can help your baby and you're not crazy for thinking it's more than just colic!

Dr. Tamika saved my family, we were finally able to enjoy the first experiences with our new baby, and she was pain free! Tcmax allowed us the freedom with meds, we no longer had to listen to Raegan scream for 30min before a feed just to give her medicine, it was WAY cheaper to make our own meds at home compared to the $100s we spent on pharmacy meds that only lasted a couple weeks and made her more uncomfortable.

Without this practice, and support group we would've lost so many happy experiences with our new baby, and months of pain she would've continued to experience.

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