Rachel’s Journey

by Amanda Lester
(Raleigh, NC)

Rachel started showing signs of reflux at 2 weeks old. I knew something wasn’t right but doctors kept shutting me down and telling me she was just a colicky baby.

A pediatrician gave her some low dose meds and we were ok for a couple days but then the screaming and crying continues. I asked friends if this was normal to have a baby that was howling crying in pain morning noon and night. And clearly the answer was NO.

At 6 weeks old I knew things were getting worse. We did a telehealth appointment with a horrific pediatrician in the group we were seeing and told me she was just colicky and to strap her in the car seat and put her on top of the dryer for vibration. That should calm her. Oh and pat her butt. Ummmmm.

Well that night. She choked on her reflux, stopped breathing, turned blue, we had to call 911 and ended up in the ER for what we now know as reflux episodes. That night I lost my mind. Someone had to have an answer.

Through research I found this website. I immediately made
My telehealth appointment with Dr. Prince. FINALLY someone understood and knew what we have been going through. She told us about marcidosing and using tcmax. From that point on (after a few acid battles when increasing doses and vaccines that caused flares) life has been much better.

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is 8 months and still has bad reflux days, but her pain and her screaming in agony is long in the past. This group/ doctors/ website/ Kira have changed our lives in more ways than I can explain. So grateful I found this when I did because I was going down a very dark path of anxiety and sadness for my first baby.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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Oct 28, 2020

by: Kira

Thank you Amanda. We are so happy this turned into a happy baby story.

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